We are a family with over 30 years of fishing experience. We have decided to raise fishing to a higher level and share our experiences with you. The Tunaholic project emerged from our own experience and courage to turn it into something new and different. The first Tunaholic fish bar opened in 2020 in Poreč. We turned the idea into an autochthonous and modern gastronomic story, designed in a new and authentic way. In a short time, our fish bar has emerged in the gastronomic offer of Croatia and beyond.

Immediately after the opening, we filled the media, gastronomic experts reviewed us positively and clients only had words of praise. Tunaholic is no ordinary fish bar, it is a story designed down to the smallest detail; from food preparation and dish names, packaging, brand promotion, facility design.

Tunaholic is a registred brand in Croatia, but also in various European countries, and in a very short time it has become recognizable and different. Visit us and see why.

The Finderle family


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dobri ljudi

Tunaholic is a family story, created out of love for the sea and fish.

dobra hrana

Innovative preparation and a combination of traditional cuisine in modern attire are a guarantee of a superior palate experience.

dobro more

Fishing, the sea, seafood - not just an unforgettable experience, but a healthy lifestyle.

Tunaholic Fish bar is based on the gastronomic offer of fish dishes. The main food is tuna, followed by swordfish, shark, salmon, squid, sardines, mussels. The basic ingredients are designed in a different and original way which makes this street food concept very attractive.