Poreč is a town located in the heart of the western Istrian coast. In its history of about two thousand years, it has grown into a promising and pleasant city to live in.

Its development in the last fifty years has been based on the tourist offer, building the image of one of the largest tourist centers in Croatia, and today is rightly called the metropolis of Croatian tourism.

The story of the Tunaholic fish bar started in Poreč.

Tunaholic Fish bar Poreč is located in the heart of the old town, next to the Euphrasian Basilica, which is a protected UNESCO monument.

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Tunaholic Fish bar Poreč is open from April to October.

Working hours:
Monday: 11 - 23h
Tuesday: 11 - 23h
Wednesday: 11 - 23h
Thursday: 11 - 23h
Friday: 11 - 23h
Saturday: 11 - 23h
Sunday: 11 - 23h


Address: Ul. Svetog Eleuterija 6, 52440, Poreč, Croatia
Phone+385 91 558 2140
e-mail: tunaholicfishbar@gmail.com