Tunaholic is an ideal partner when it comes to opening a food premise anywhere in the region. Fish delicacies prepared in a modern and innovative way will not leave anyone indifferent.

We offer a simple partner-franchise model that includes the complete transfer of all elements of the brand.

Giving exceptional attention to selected raw and fresh ingredients, the unique preparation of dishes, attention to adequate and personalized packaging are a guarantee for uniform quality of food.

The recognizable and unique design of Tunaholic facilities, together with the top staff service and the way of preparing meals, aim to provide every consumer with a flawless gastronomic experience.

tunaholic fransiza

The concept of Tunaholic® franchise is based on enthusiasm, originality, a perfect mix of modern cuisine and traditional food with a healthy main ingredient - fish.



Environmental responsibility has always been a priority at Tunaholic and therefore the packaging used in the Tunaholic fish bar is made from recycled materials and the use of plastic has been kept to a minimum.

Tunaholic wants to spread a positive impact on the world around it by expanding its business through franchises, to preserve the sea for generations to come.